Up to $1000^ line of credit.

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We all need a little help sometimes. Surprise expenses always seem to pop up at the worst time. Emerald Advance is here to help. If approved, the H&R Block Emerald Advance line of credit provides you with the ability to repeatedly borrow and repay up to $1000.

Use the Emerald Advance Line of Credit Year-Round

If approvedDisclaimer number 115. Scrolls to disclaimer., you'll enjoy the benefits of your year-round line of credit.

Pay your balance down to zero by February 15 each year as well as meet a few other requirements, and you could have access to your line of credit year-roundDisclaimer number 127. Scrolls to disclaimer. for unexpected expenses and other credit needs. View Details

Here are a few dates to keep in mind.

November 19 – January 11

Apply for the Emerald Advance line of credit at select H&R Block locations.

January 26 – February 15

Annual Resting Period.* Pay down your Emerald Advance balance to zero by Feb. 15 each year to maintain your account in good standing.

By April 1

If applicable, open and fund your H&R Block Emerald Savings® account by this date to secure your Emerald Advance.

November – January

Enjoy the use of your new Emerald Advance line of credit, making monthly payments of at least $25 or 4% of your balance, whichever is greater.

February 16 Onward

If you've met qualifying requirements, continue using your line of credit and make monthly payments on time.

Easy Payment Options

With a minimum monthly payment of only $25 or 4% of your balance (whichever is greater), payments are both affordable and manageable. You must also pay down your balance to zero by February 15 each year.

You have several convenient options to make a payment, and now it's easier than ever. Options include:

  • Emerald Advance payment by card - Check or debit
  • Transfer from H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard®
  • Cash payment at MoneyGram® or 7-Eleven® or Family Dollar® locations (service charge applies)
  • Tax Refund - for paydown only, not available for monthly payment

Pricing and Other Info

$45 Annual Fee*

Assessed yearly on the day the Emerald Advance is opened

36% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)**

Finance Charge assessed on the amount drawn from your Emerald Advance

$7.50 Late Payment Fee

Assessed if monthly payment is received after the due date (maximum of 5 fees per year).

$20 Returned Payment Fee

If a check is used to make a payment on your Emerald Advance, and the financial institution on which the check is drawn dishonors or returns it unpaid for any reason, a $20 fee per returned check may be charged.

*$30 in subsequent years for clients who maintain their accounts year-round. If, at the time you establish your Emerald Advance, you are a covered borrower as that term is defined in the Military Lending Act and its implementing regulations, including 32 CFR § 232.3 (a "Covered Borrower"), and so long as you remain a Covered Borrower, your annual fee will be waived.

**36% APR applies during promotional period and for unsecured lines of credit. For full savings-secured lines of credit the APR is 9%. For more details, see the Terms & Conditions.

Auto-Pay Request Form

If you have an Emerald Advance, you can enroll in an Automatic Payment Plan.

It's a convenient way for you to make required monthly payments from your Emerald Card® or Emerald Savings account to your Emerald Advance and help you avoid late fees. Download Now